Surf Simulator Hire

The ultimate for beach party themed events. We supply these Surf Simulator multi rides for, Private events, Nightclubs, Bars, Schools, Universities, Fates, Festivals, Garden Parties, Plus much much more.

The Surf Simulator, comes with staff, insurance and depending on what package you choose, can even come with props, making pictures even more fun.

The inflatable safety matt is 12 ft x 12 ft so a massive amount of space isn’t needed. We need a few extra feet around the area to make sure everything is safe and also some space for our matts at the front of the machine, for people to take off there shoes.


You can hold competitions for the longest survivors on the Surf board.

The Automatic Control Console has:

* 3 pre-set programmes – each set at a different skill/speed level
* 2 competition timers (100mm (4″) high digits)
* 1 timer recording the current rider’s time
* 1 timer recording the longest rider of the event
* Operator timer on the fascia of the control console 

The Automatic Control Console allows you to select either the Manual joystick operation, or one of our three pre-set programmes.

The pre-set programmes allow each rider to have an identical ride, making it easier to judge the riders’ skill, and having the built in timer is ideal for competition events.

Hawaiian themed party? Then encourage people to dress up in the most vivid hawaiian shirts and skirts and take a ride on this surf simulator.

The Surf Simulator Hire package is also perfect for Student events, Universities and School events


If you are looking for the ultimate in summer fun. Why not book our “Ultimate Beach Party” Package

This includes:

Surf Simulator hire, 2 hours

Foam cannon with 2 hours of foam party



Surf Simulator Hire, Bucking Broncho

Surf Simulator Multi ride hire