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Photo Booth Hire

We supply Photo Booth Hire for all special occasions.

We have The Magic Selfie Mirror, The original Oval style Photo Booth, Selfie Pod and Also the Inflatable Photo Booth.

Each of these have different features and are different versions of the traditional photo booth. These all print off photos for you to keep and we also offer come great deals and packages including these.

Magic Selfie Mirror

This is a large Mirror, that is touch screen and allows you to take a full length photo, unlike a normal photo booth, the mirror takes a shot of your whole outfit, shoes to head, great for wedding photos or special occasions. It also allows you to personalise your photos by adding emojis, or signing your photos using the touch screen.

The Oval Booth

This apple mac computer oval photo booth takes photos, video, slow motion video, gifs and green screen.

We can add a background to match the theme of your event with the green screen settings. This also has a second camera that can be angled and moved so that small children are in shot, this means unlike booths without the extra camera you don’t have to pick the children up to allow them to be in the photo. This booth also has facial recognition, so at the touch of a button you can add novelty glasses, funny eyes, hats, wigs, a mask of a famous person, it is just so much fun.

The Selfie Pod

This is a free standing pod, takes up very little room, takes and prints photos and is an option if you want a free standing booth and it is upstairs or in a location that we couldn’t get the selfie mirror to due to the size and weight of the selfie mirror.

The Inflatable Booth

This stands tall and catches everyones eye, due to the size of it. It runs a selfie pod inside of the inflatable booth, takes great photos and prints them out.You need a high ceiling height for this booth.

Extra’s available for Photo Booth’s

  • Extra hour of Photos

  • Reprints of each Photo and Guest book

    This is such a lovely keep sake, each photo gets reprinted and put in the guestbook and the guest is asked to leave a personal message on the page. This really is something nice to look back on.

  • Bespoke props

  • Personalised logo, name, surname,  or branding on the screen

  • Usb Stick with all the images on as well as prints

  • Personalised Photo Templates

  • Quality Paid for green screen templates