We offer many combinations of services and products.

Here are some of our most popular .

  • The Ultimate Carnival Package : Surf Simulator Ride, Popcorn and Candy Floss Carts.
  • The Ultimate UV Rave : 2 Large Bubble Machines, lots of UV Lighting, 2 Full Coloured Laser Lights, High Glow UV Bubble Fluid.
  • Event Snow Package 1 : 1 Large Snow Cannon, Popcorn and Candy Floss Carts.
  • Festival Package : 2 Smoke Jet replica co2 machines, 2 Laser Lights, Confetti Bursts.
  • Movie Media Night : Photo Booth Pod package with Popcorn Cart with free servings.

Some optional extra’s available

For Foam

  • Chocolate or Strawberry Fragranced Foam
  • Full Clean up service, defoamer solution and Wet Vac
  • UV Foam and UV lighting
  • Music System

For Outside Events

  • Laser lighting to display shop or venue name beamed onto buildings
  • Speaker System for Carols or Background Music
  • Flood Lighting