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QTX FX1500 Smoke Machine

This 1500W, high pressured and high-powered smoke machine can fill a venue in seconds. Producing around 20,000 Cu Ft (566m) of smoke the space of a minute, via the timer output control or the 1 channel DMX, makes this an ideal item for people who require a lot of smoke in a short space of time. The unit also features MIRROR piping patent technology to reduce the rate of jamming and a special microcomputer temperature control system to preserve a high temperature allowing the unit to run efficiently all night long. Its robust design makes it ideal for use in a variety of environments including nightclubs, stage shows and theatres.

* Timer output control included
* 1 channel DMX to control the output from the machine
* 20,000 Cu Ft (566m) per minute (approx.)
* Large capacity tank of 2.5 litres
* Anti-jamming pipe technology


QTX Fog Machine Hire

QTX Fog Machine Hire