Co2 Freeze Party Hire

Co2 Freeze Party Hire. We supply Co2 guns for all types of events. We supply staff, insurance and the equipment.

We keep the costs down by asking that you supply the gas.

Another massive craze from Ibiza and the party islands

The Co2 creates an amazing effect, projecting a large stream of white gas into,

the audience. Our staff dress in boiler suits and compliment this effect,

looking like something out of a Sci Fi film.

The projection of co2 also cools down the people on the dance floor by dropping the temperature around 20 degrees as the trail passes through.

No mess, no clean up and another effect to compliment good music and create that electric atmosphere in your venue or event.

For dance parties, filming tv & video, bands & live music shows, nightclub’s, bars, private events. Add a festival feel to your event. This special effect really does add energy to a dj set and adds to the ultimate atmosphere.

There are many different types of co2 effects machines, including co2 guns, for more of a stage show, operated by one of our fully trained technicians, these gun type co2 effects, fire off streams of co2 vapour across dance floors and adds an amazing stage presence. Co2 jets are less about the stage show of them being operated and more about the actual effect adding atmosphere and the wow factor to parts of performances.

Why not book our Freeze package with low fog machine for the entrance to an event and a member of staff with a Co2 gun for  a stage show. This is perfect for the summer months and a warm dance floor. What ever your application, speak to one of our staff and we can advise you the best options and bespoke solutions on a individual event basis.

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